NOTICE: The Emanuele Cancer Research foundation invests €2.5m for cancer research in Malta.
NOTICE:The submission of Applications for the Cancer Research Grants is now closed.

About the Foundation

The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta (ECRFM) is a non-profit making organisation set up between the Malta Trust Foundation  Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Internazionale and the University of Malta

The Foundation facilitates excellence in cancer research and collaboration among scientific, clinical and psychosocial disciplines. The Foundation provides information and education about cancer to the public and its representatives.

It significantly attracts and trains young investigators in an environment that demonstrates the interrelatedness of different approaches in cancer research and applications in practice.

In addition, through present and future international research collaborations, the institute is in a position to transform itself into a regional, Mediterranean Cancer Research Hub and subsequently, into an International Research Centres Platform.

Collaborating Institutes

MOUs signed between the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta and Cancer Research Entities.

Research Areas

Basic Laboratory Research

Basic Laboratory Research

The ECRFM brings together the already established basic research groups within the University of Malta. This base shall be utilised to promote multidisciplinary interactions between scientists engaged

Clinical Research

Clinical Research

The ECRFM strives to support clinical studies with the involvement of the relevant basic cancer research. It would provide mechanisms for the transfer of technology involving the development of innova

Population-based Research

Population-Based Research

This is a broad area, including research on cancer risk, prevention, early detection, quality of life, and outcomes directed towards the reduction of cancer incidence and mortality and improvement in

ECRFM Laboratories

The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta has financed the purchase of scientific equipment needed to supplement those already in use in the laboratory, for the total cost of €2.5 million.  The equipment consists of more than 40 cutting-edge machineries, plus software, monitors and other related equipment.

The latest state-of-the-art equipment allows the researchers to thoroughly investigate a wide range of fields, from multiple or single DNA fragments, detection of tumours, cancer biomarkers and much more.

Upcoming Events


Launch of the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta

Watch the launch of the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation. This launch marked an important milestone in this nation’s strategy for the future reduction of
the burden of cancer.