About Us

The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta (ECRFM) is a non-profit making organisation set up between the Malta Trust Foundation  Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Internazionale and the University of Malta

The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation was established as a public entity under the Article thirty-two (32) of the Second Schedule to the Civil Code, Chapter sixteen (16) of the Laws of Malta, for the achievement of specific Cancer Research purposes as set out in its Statute.

The Foundation facilitates excellence in cancer research and collaboration among scientific, clinical and psychosocial disciplines. The Foundation provides information and education about cancer to the public and its representatives.

It significantly attracts and trains young investigators in an environment that demonstrates the interrelatedness of different approaches in cancer research and applications in practice.

In addition, through present and future international research collaborations, the institute is in a position to transform itself into a regional, Mediterranean Cancer Research Hub and subsequently, into an International Research Centres Platform.  The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta is aiming to build a network of collaboration to achieve this aim.   The following partnerships are already operational, and the Foundation is seeking further entities with whom to liaise effectively.

  • Collaboration with international research centres
  • Association with the Government of Malta
  • Collaboration with non-government organisations

Above all, the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta provides an excellent opportunity for soft diplomacy, bringing people together to strive towards a common goal, building friendships and ultimately, sustainable peace.

Board Members

The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Board is chaired by H.E Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca President Emeritus of Malta. The other 8 members are the following:

  • Prof. Avv. Emmanuele F.M. Emanuele di Villabianca, Barone di Culcasi, Vice President of ECRFM and President of the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Internazionale
  • Prof. Alessandra Taccone
  • Prof. Alfred Vella, Rector of the University of Malta
  • Prof. Carlo Antonio Barone
  • Prof. Christian Scerri
  • Prof. Tullio Faraggiana
  • Mr. Michael Bianchi
  • Mr. Carmel Briffa

Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to reduce the impact and burden of cancer on the people of Malta, the Mediterranean Region and globally, through supporting and promoting excellent cancer research, development, and education by:

  • Taking the lead in cancer-related research and collaboration among scientific, clinical and psychosocial disciplines;
  • Funding cancer-related research within the University of Malta;
  • To establish and maintain a research laboratory which may be set up in one of the University of Malta’s existent laboratories for the use of medical and scientific members of the Oncology Units and other organisations and entities who attempt to advance the knowledge of cancer and its treatment;
  • Doing all such things and undertakings or carrying out any activities that may be ancillary, incidental, related to, or connected with any of the above objectives, as the Foundation may in its absolute discretion deem appropriate, necessary, convenient or expedient to undertake, engage in or carry on.

The purposes and/or objects of the Foundation shall be achieved by facilitating excellence in cancer research and collaboration amongst scientific, clinical, and psychosocial disciplines and this shall include the following:

  • To provide information and education about cancer to the general public;
  • To facilitate multi-investigator and multi-disciplinary cancer research;
  • To undertake the training of persons with the requisite academic and/or professional qualifications in all aspects of cancer-research;
  • To conduct and/or encourage research and appropriate studies in cancer research and psychosocial disciplines;
  • To organise and participate in conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia dealing with issues related to cancer research in Malta and abroad;
  • To facilitate inter-disciplinary research between basic scientists, clinicians and other allied health workers and researches;
  • To serve as focal point for introduction of clinical cancer trials;
  • To act as an advocacy group for policies and strategies in cancer prevention, treatment and care.

Open Calls for Research Projects

The ECRFM strives to support clinical studies with the involvement of the relevant basic cancer research. It would provide mechanisms for the transfer of technology involving the development of innovative clinical protocols, participation in the development of effective new drugs, and the timely dissemination of information on new basic and clinical advances in cancer medicine.