Call for Applications for Cancer Research Grants


  • Start Date:18-11-2019
  • End Date:
  • Start Time:08:00
  • End Time:10:00
  • Location:Malta


  • Organized by:Emanuel Cancer Research Foundation Malta
  • Mobile:+356 21 484 662
  • Website:
  • Address:Maison Notre Dame, St Calcedonius Square Floriana, FRN 1530

The goal of ECRFM in launching this Call is to support research that might reduce the incidence of cancer, improve cancer treatment and survival and the quality of life of cancer patients.
The ECRFM will award grants to support fundamental or translational research including genetic, pharmacogenomic, proteomics, pharmaceutical, cellular and pre-clinical in vivo research into the causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment or prevention of cancer.

Projects can have a maximum duration of 36 months from the date of award.

The call is open to any academic who has a track record in the mentioned field and is an academic within the University of Malta for at least 5 years. Collaboration with other Maltese and foreign institutions is encouraged but collaborators should have own funding for their proposed work and employment.
HIGH Funding Priority Project Proposals
Project Proposals falling into one of the following definitions will be considered as high priority research


  • Molecular mechanisms
  • Natural history of the pathology by linking different phases of the disease to specific biological/genetic profiles
  • Interactions between environmental risk factors, genetic profiles and intermediate biomarkers
  • Molecular diagnostics and theranostics
  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Therapeutics
  • Proximity to cure
  • Innovative pre-clinical/clinical methodologies