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World Cancer Day 2020 – A Statement by ECRFM

As the world today commemorates World Cancer Day 2020, the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta reaffirms its raison d’être, that of reducing the impact and burden of cancer in Malta, the Mediterranean Region and globally, through promoting excellent cancer research, in close collaboration with other internationally renowned cancer research centres.

For this reason, the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta recently launched a call for applications for Cancer Research Grants.  The Foundation received ten applications by the closing date, and an international panel of experts in the field are currently reviewing the applications.  The researchers will be working at the University of Malta, where cancer research teams have already achieved promising results and will continue in their quest through the support of the Emanuele Cancer Foundation Malta. 

The Foundation has already provided state-of-the-art equipment that is making the research possible.  Through the research grants, amounting to €500,000 each year, the Foundation will support local and international academics working to help reduce the incidence of cancer, improve treatment and ameliorate patients’ quality of life, and thus enhancing the existing opportunities and possibilities for further local research through project-specific funding.  

Cancer touches us all, and it does not discriminate; that is why we should all strive to respond to the challenges brought about by cancer.  We can only achieve positive outcomes by joining forces; policymakers, educators, specialists and carers, researchers, patients and their families and loved ones, and civil society.  Cancer must continue to be given priority by our policymakers.  We also need to ensure equal access to cancer risk awareness and their impact on health-promoting behaviours, as well as health-promoting environments, which ultimately, can save lives.

The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation will continue to strive to collaborate with other entities so that together, we can bring about a reduction of cancer incidence and mortality, and a better quality of life for cancer patients.