Launch of Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta In Event,Press Release

Launch of the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta

This launch marked an important milestone in this nation’s strategy for the future reduction of the burden of cancer.

A new foundation has been set up with the purpose of reducing the impact and burden of cancer on the people of Malta, the Mediterranean Region and globally through supporting and promoting world class cancer research and development and education.

The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta (ECRFM) was founded by The President’s Trust, the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, Italia e Mediterraneo, and the University of Malta.

The ECRFM intends to facilitate excellence in cancer research and collaboration among scientific, clinical and psychosocial disciplines. It will be taking the lead in multi-investigator and multi-disciplinary cancer research and will be the focal point for the introduction of clinical
cancer trials. The ECRFM will also provide information and education about cancer to the public and its representatives. Through international research collaborations, the foundation shall be in a position to transform itself into a regional, Mediterranean cancer research hub.

The foundation is accommodated at the Biomedical Sciences Building at the University of Malta.

It is thanks to the financial support of the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, Italia e Mediterraneo that this has been made possible. In her words, the President of Malta has said that, “this new and most important venture will
provide the much-needed research, development, and education about cancer, for the benefit of individuals, families, communities, and societies, across the Maltese Islands and the Mediterranean Region”.